2 Get Inside Your Head


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Similar to its sister the 'bling' hat this one is so sweet and ready to take anywhere...with Inside Out logo proudly displayed on front and the dragon fly just off to the side on the back both dotted with Swarovski crystals and of course our Living Life Beyond the Surface label is always resident on our products!  This messenger, will accompany a t-shirt, turtle neck or a fancy Inside Out fashion shirt.  I've seen this one at horse events, Wegman's Grocery Store and going for a walk in nature, but trust me it gets the job done for helping keep the sun at bay, it works on fishing trips, golf courses it can keep up with the active women and at leisure on a wine trail...be ready to answer 'where'd you get that?' Tip! I like to fray the logos, just take a tweezers and gently tug on the edges.