Our Products

My story is the primary product and I like to say, ‘oh by the way, you also get a pretty shirt’. 😊 Seriously, though our price points strive to find room for all of us to have ‘wearable words’ that provoke a positive feeling and are gentle reminders of our intention to ourselves and others.   The logo application on most of our designs is a Flocked Velvet with Swarovski Crystals, a much more labor intense process that you can see, feel and is simply a very cool, distinctive delivery of our message.

We also offer a foundational messenger shirt, utilizing the more commonly known screen print process, which may be more fitting for your lifestyle, event or as a gift.

Whether you select Flocking or Screen Print, we are confident you will positively impact someone that looks at you as you are passing by…and we know when you don ‘wearable words’ you will feel more purposeful, intentional and give yourself a break about whatever the image is in the mirror…(its really more about energy). 


“Inside/Out” Living Life Beyond the Surface is an illustration of a valley in which I walked…a walk that offered me an opportunity to shed and grow or to wither and fade. The choice is dynamic always testing always challenging, but its my choice each day. I share My Story in hope that it helps you, it finds a space in you which resonates and knows that everything is unfolding in perfect timing and it’s all going to work out…. just follow the energy. The dragon fly was another ‘choice’ a symbol representing intellectual and emotional transformation, the kind of transformation that happens in the valleys, and dare I say we learn more from the valleys than the hilltops. Thank you for first donning the believe that you are so much more than what you see in the mirror and by wrapping yourself in “Inside/Out”, wearable words! Join us, be a “Inside/Out” messenger today!